Tips on safeguarding your cards

A criminal can quickly spend thousands of dollars using your card or its details - often before you realise that anything is wrong. Here are 10 tips to help avoid becoming a victim of card fraud.

  • Guard your card - don't let it out of your sight when making a transaction.

  • Discard receipts from card transactions carefully - shred them if possible to prevent 'dustbin divers' from acquiring information about you and your cards

  • Check your receipts against your statements. If you find an unfamiliar transaction, contact your card issuer immediately.

  • Never write down your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and never disclose it to anyone that asks - even if they claim to be from your card issuer or the police!

  • Beware of anyone watching you use an ATM. Don't let anyone see you enter your PIN. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by anyone trying to talk to you.

  • Sign any new cards as soon as they arrive. Cut up the old cards as soon as the new ones become valid.

  • Don't keep your cheque book with your cards.

  • Don't leave cards unattended in a bag, briefcase or jacket pocket in public places and keep your bag or briefcase on your lap.

  • At work, keep your bag and other personal belongings locked in a cupboard or drawer.

  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately.

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