Customer Testimonials

The following real-life case studies highlight how CPP has actually helped our Card Protection customers. (Names have been changed to protect our customer's identity)

Swift cancellation of 46 bank cards gave a relief to Pn.Ainol
Pn. Ainol was busy with her business while she discovered that her handbag was stolen. She called CPP to report card loss. However, she was in a panic because she couldn’t remember which cards were missing from which banks. CPP immediately checked that the customer had registered 46 cards with us. Accordingly, CPP successfully helped Pn. Ainol report the loss of all 10 cards registered with 4 different banks.

Pn. Ainol was so thankful to CPP, “I am really so happy and feel lucky that CPP removed all the hassles and restored my freedom. It was really troublesome for me to call every individual bank. Having CPP taking care of my cards, I could carry on with my business. I will definitely introduce CPP to all my friends as CPP provides great help in the unfortunate event of card loss. Just making one call and CPP will settle everything for us."

Registering cards and valuable documents for safety is a breeze for Ms. Tang
Ms Tang, a senior citizen purchased Card Protection because she is very absent minded and always forgets where she puts her belongings. As Ms Tang had not registered her cards, we sent a letter to remind Ms Tang the importance of card registration.

Upon receipt of the letter, Ms Tang called us for help because she did not know how to complete the Card Registration Form. Our customer service agents were able to help Ms Tang complete the card registration process over the phone. Our agents further suggested that Ms Tang should keep the key card imprinted with the CPP contact numbers in a safe place, so she can contact us for assistance at any time.

Ms Tang said, " The agents were very patient and helpful especially dealing with somebody like myself who also had a slight hearing problem'.

Credit cards cancelled following robbery scare for Ms. Yong
Ms Yong was on her way home from a night out with her friends. Just as she turned the street corner, she was approached by two men who snatched her handbag and her watch.
Ms Yong was very frightened and ran all the way home which fortunately was close by. She immediately informed the police of the incident. Then she remembered that she had 5 credit cards in her purse. She contacted CPP immediately and we were able to cancel the cards for her within minutes of making the report.

Ms Yong said ‘I was glad that CPP could help as I was so frightened by the incident that it would have taken me a long time to try to cancel my cards. By which time, fraud could easily have taken place.”

No further fraud charges for Ms. Nisha
Ms Nisha had just come out of the supermarket with her bags of groceries and walked to the nearby bus stop to get the bus home. When her bus arrived, she looked into her bag to get money out for her bus fare. She was searching around in her bag but her purse cannot be found. She then realized that somebody must have stolen her purse on her way to the bus stop because the zip to her bag was open. She immediately called her son and asked him to come to the bus stop to collect her as she did not have any money to get the bus. When she arrived home, she realized that she had three credit cards in her purse and her touch n go card. She called CPP immediately, and asked for our help to cancel her three credit cards as soon as possible.

A month later, when she received her credit card statement, she noticed an unusual charge of RM500 on the statement. After speaking to her bank, she realized that the transaction occurred when her purse was stolen.

Ms Nisha said, “Fortunately, as CPP cancelled the cards quickly, there were no other fraud charges with my other two stolen credit cards.”

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